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The only standalone VR device with a theater-like quality experience.

Who created AlloVue?


SkyLights, is an American-French company which has spent the last 4 years specializing in cinematic VR entertainment for passengers on long-haul flights. After more than 6000 flights with a 95% satisfaction rate, we are now proud to bring the AlloVue directly to you.


What is unique about the technology?


Unlike other devices, AlloVue is fully standalone. It weighs less than 8oz (half the weight of most VR headsets) making it comfortable to wear for hours at a time - inflight passengers wear it for 3-4h on average. The AlloVue also offers fantastic image crispness thanks to 2 Full HD OLED screens (1080p/eye) as well as focus adjustments for people that wear glasses.


What will I be able to watch?


Imagine going to your own private movie theater and being able to choose from hundreds of thousands of 2D & 3D blockbusters, trending series, personal videos & cinematic VR films. That's what you get with AlloVue! Cast content from your smartphone, login to your favorite streaming services, search through the AlloVue 2D & 3D catalog of recent movies wherever and whenever you want.


How long is the battery life?


The AlloVue has 150 minutes of playback time. More than enough to watch a full movie! After this it can be connected via USB and used while charging.


Where can I buy it?


Our pre-sales campaign will be launched soon on Indiegogo. We will be sure to keep you posted via email and on our social media.

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